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14 June 2010 @ 04:04 pm
Do You Have Me?  
let's call him benny, this a friend of mine went to phuket last week. actually we kinda worry for letting him out of country while he always fail with his english.

one day, he tried to say hi to my other friend in english
hi Joyce, who are you?, what he tried to say was : hi Joyce how are you?

ok, finally he already in phuket with his 'safe english'

order for food (nt: he want noodle, and in our languange is 'mie')

benny: hey man!, do you have mie (me)?
waiter: sorry?
benny: YES! MIE... do you have mie(me)?
waiter: uhmmmm....
benny: have mie(me)?
waiter: have you?
benny: NOOOO! long food (but believe me it sounds like 'long foot')
waiter: long foot? foot?
benny: uh yes!
waiter: what foot?
waiter: AH! KWETIAW!
benny: YES! anything like mie-lah!

LOLOLOLOL silly benny. ah OK that's his real name XDDDD
but we love him anyway fufufufu
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